How to Finally Fix  5 Deadly Dog Training Mistakes Owners Make  Without Knowing It!

Proven strategies to turn mistakes into wins and confused dogs into willing partners.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • Learn how to reward the right thing at the right time so that you can get your dog to do the right thing all the time.
  • 5 simple strategies you can use right now to start turning 5 deadly mistakes into big wins.
  • What to do instead when you feel like taking your dog's actions personally, so that you'll never again feel embarrassed if your dog doesn't listen
  • How to turn an apparent failure into a stunning success with the same strategy perfected by top dog training experts.

"Honestly, I thought that he was the first dog that was going to "beat" me and that I would have to surrender him. It broke my heart because he had the sweetest eyes and was so loving. Repetition and positive reinforcement with gestures of love was how we worked through them. I am afraid to know what would have happened to Patrick should we have not made the decision to move forward with training. Marilyn was the lifeline that we needed for Patrick to become a full fledged family member. "


Why should you care about fixing training mistakes?

We all make mistakes. What's important is how you decide to use what you learn from every mistake to make the next experience better. Your dog will forgive your mistakes if you're honest and fair. 

When you take responsibility to creatively transform a failure into a success you show your dog who you are and earn his trust and friendship.


A Note from Marilyn...

“When we humans communicate with our dogs we so often forget that dogs aren't human!  And so we forget to fine tune our message so that our dogs can understand us.

Miscommunications lead unfortunately to a confused dog and to your embarrassment and frustration. But it doesn't have to happen that way.

I created "5 Deadly Dog Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them" to show you the small changes that make frustration a thing of the past. 

I want this eBook to make you feel empowered with the right knowledge. I hope it brings you and your dog closer than ever!"


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