14 True Things About Training Dogs That Every Dog Parent Should Know First

 Dogs tell the truth, but do humans always understand them? Discover 14 true things about dogs that humans sometimes get wrong!

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • Clarify what it means if your dog doesn't like to be approached by strangers.
  • Know your dog's threshold and how you can use that information to improve his capacity for learning.
  • Discover how to implement results-based positive reinforcement practices by putting the dog's emotional well-being first.
  • Embrace the simplicity of dog training psychology to get fast success without stress, frustration, or guilt! 

Why do so many loving dog parents struggle to get their dogs to "listen"?

If that question describes you, I assure you that it isn't your fault!

You hear so much conflicting information about the right and wrong ways to train a dog that it's hard not to be confused! 

I get it. 

Whether you struggle with a dog that does what you don't want, or a dog that doesn't do what you do want, knowing the truth about dogs is the place to start. 

When I created 14 True Things, I drew from respected dog cognition science and behavior experts.

Grab this free infographic now and dispell some of that confusion! 


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