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Dog Parent's Guide To Winter Holidays with Dogs: The Reactivity Bundle

Stay ahead of the hidden pitfalls for dogs in holiday food, decorations, gifts, travel, and parties. This no-regrets guide gives you the information you need WHEN you need it.

Over-excited, reactive dogs really struggle with the chaotic novelty of holiday events.

The tools and strategies in The Reactivity Bundle help you support your dog both physically and emotionally:

  • How to fix your dog a healthy, dog-friendly Thanksgiving plate without anything from the toxic-to-dogs foods list.
  • How to create a Safe Haven where your dog can quietly decompress from Holiday excitement.
  • How to keep your curious dog safe from hidden dangers in holiday food, plants, decorations, and gifts.
  • How to set up an emergency first aid kit so you'll always be prepared for the unexpected whether at home or on a road trip.
  • Interview with veterinarian Dr. Ginger Davis and trainer Marilyn Mele explaining how to help dogs with noise distress.
  • Acknowledge your dog's emotional needs and use proven strategies to reduce reactivity.
  • Reactivity Mini-Series, Workshop, and bonus replacement behavior training video
  • Instantly locate the exact info you want with logically organized and clearly labeled topics. 

>>When I first created the Holiday Guide in 2019 it was hugely popular, with nearly six hundred people signing up!  The current Revised Edition is streamlined and redesigned for your convenience. 

>>All the original content is preserved and now includes updates and extras like printable checklists, video training on reactivity, and an exclusive interview about noise sensitivity. 

>>If the investment in this Guide saves you the monetary cost and emotional distress of a visit to the animal ER, then it will have fulfilled its purpose!

>>Holidays should have only happy memories!

**Because of the nature of this Guide as reference material, there will be no refunds after purchase. 

**If you have any difficulty accessing your material, contact me immediately and I will personally take care of you.

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