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Dog Wisdom Connection

Join our members- only community and discover the small connections that make a big difference in your partnership with your dog. See how deepening the human-animal bond through knowledge, mindset, and best practices enriches your life and the lives of those around you


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Dog Wisdom Connection

A Monthly Subscription Membership for Busy Dog Lovers. Discover simple shifts that make ordinary time with your dog more personally enriching, more relaxing, and more fun!

A busy life doesn't have to limit your meaningful bond with a dog you love. Create your own best version of the human-animal bond without the pressure, complication or overwhelm!


The smallest actions, done consistently, will bring life-changing results. 


The Dog Wisdom Connection Success Path Framework is your everyday guide to results:

  Get Connected, 

Build Trust, 

Create Solutions, 

Expand Insight, 

Cultivate Wisdom. 


Get Connected

Ignite the spark of joy within your dog and yourself by shaping your knowledge and mindset. Calm, attentive communication begins with small, purposeful choices that get big results.

Build Trust

Earn your dog's trust every day with benevolent leadership. Trust your dog's instinct to cooperate in an environment completely free from fear. Be the leader your dog can count on.

Create Solutions

Challenge yourself and your dog to solve problems with calm attentive cooperation and mutual trust. While you celebrate each success with confidence, you  view failures as opportunities to learn.

Expand Insight

Deepen your intuitive connection to your dog and support his mental and emotional needs. You grow more attentive to your dog's language and act as his advocate.

Cultivate Wisdom

Communication and trust open new ways to enrich your partnership with your dog. Together you succeed through calm attentive cooperation. Your dog becomes your teacher as you cultivate Dog-Wisdom.


Convenient & Easy

All online with 24-7 access. Check-in whenever you want and for as long as you want. Find the practical instruction and training tips that uncomplicate life with your dog and bring clarity to confusion.

Because it's NOT a traditional “course” with classes or deadlines, there are no time commitments, so no pressure or overwhelm. You continue to manage your time the way you want to.


Efficient & Effective

You'll do more in less time and see consistent progress by spending only 5 to 15 minutes a day. Support from a community of like-minded dog owners helps you be consistent and see great results.

Discover the secret of quick wins by leveraging the time you are already spending with your dog. No pressure to make more time for something else in your busy day! I'll teach you how to use the expert time-saver strategy of Micro-Lessons!

Enjoyable & Personal

Everything in the membership site is family-oriented and kid-friendly so everyone can participate together from home. Kids are able to experience the uniquely valuable life lessons of  communicating more effectively with the family dog and building a treasured friendship. 

And most importantly, it’s personal - you get to ask your questions in real-time in LIVE Q&A calls just as if we were meeting in person face to face.



Affordable & Practical

For literally pennies a day you get 

  • practical instruction in what dog owners need to know
  • expert training advice about what matters to you
  • personal attention to your dog related concerns.

The value of these services purchased separately would be several hundred dollars a month. 

Fall in love with the learning process and discover how you can have the Calm Attentive Cooperative dog of your dreams.  You are invited to join us on this exciting journey! Join in September 2019 and lock in your Early Bird Rate.  Offer expires September 30 so don't wait.  Don't miss our September events!


"I have learned that nothing good comes from raising your voice or punishing your dog. Dogs want to make you happy and play so if you keep things fun, they will do what you want."

Julie R.

"We feel great about training our dog. The lessons learned can carry over for the rest of her life and we have a well-trained dog quicker than we would have if we tried it by ourselves."

Joey R.

"Honestly, I thought that he was the first dog that was going to "beat" me and that I would have to surrender him. It broke my heart because he had the sweetest eyes and was so loving. Repetition and positive reinforcement with gestures of love was how we worked through them. I am afraid to know what would have happened to Patrick should we have not made the decision to move forward with training. Marilyn was the lifeline that we needed for Patrick to become a full fledged family member. "

Bonnie F.

"I have a level of closeness that I've never had with any other dog because we've learned how to really communicate with each other. I had to relearn a Whole Lot of Stuff...I'm really glad I did it. Now training new companion dogs decent manners is a snap! And I know where to get help as soon as I run into a behavior that stumps me in a new dog."

Kate M.

What You Should Know First

Wondering if you have the time, money, or talent to have an awesome partnership with your dog? No worries! Here are some straight answers to the questions bugging you.

The seed for the idea of a membership for dog owners was the need to provide continuing support to my private dog training clients after formal lessons ended. If that's you, then know that you helped inspire this project!

I believe that there's a huge benefit for every caring dog owner to having a trusted resource for answers to dog-related concerns. Raising a dog is never a finished project - things happen, situations change, unexpected events have consequences.  Everybody appreciates having someplace to turn when confronting those big and little aggravations.

The purpose of Dog Wisdom Connection is to provide caring and committed dog owners with reliable knowledge, easy strategies, and simple solutions so that they can achieve Calm Attentive Cooperation in their human-canine partnerships.



A Membership is not the same as a course with a set of lessons leading to completion.  A Membership is a dynamic and interactive community. Members can follow the path at their own pace and comfort level.  The new content each month is responsive to the needs and preferences of the members.  Members can continue to enjoy the benefits every month for as long as they want.

As a member of Dog Wisdom Connection you have unlimited access to everything within the membership site.

Each month a new Workshop covers a relevant dog related topic to grow your knowledge.

You get clarity about your dog's behavior and training in live group Q&A calls.

Every month you receive a Quick Win Lesson Plan so you can teach your dog a practical skill.

You have unlimited access to a Community of like minded people who share ideas and support one another.

All live events are recorded and permanently available to all members.


The point of the membership is to help you leverage the time you are already spending with your dog by giving you smart shortcuts to the things you most want to accomplish. 

The monthly content is intentionally designed to be consumed in short blocks of time, specifically less than one hour per week or about 5-15 minutes a day.  For example the Workshop is presented in 3 parts, each no longer than 10 minutes. The training lessons utilize Micro-Lessons which are focused 1-3 minute sessions. Live calls are recorded to eliminate the pressure of a time commitment.

Your time is valuable and you are the only one who can prioritize how you'll use it. But one thing is certain. Busy people always make the time for what they value.  

The results or outcomes you get will, of course, depend on the actions you take in response to the information and advice you receive as a member.

You can count on me to keep my promise to deliver quality.  But only you can make the decision to follow through by taking action.  Action includes making an effort, approaching each task with a positive mindset, and speaking out to ask when you need help. 

Your challenge is to use the knowledge, inspiration, and strategies you receive to teach your dog to consistently become more Calm, Attentive, and Cooperative.

All the material and all the training strategies that you find within the membership are based on up to date, proven, science-based information about how dogs think, feel, and learn. Because it's fundamental to all dogs, it will work for your dog, too when it is properly applied.

There is a wide range of personality, temperament, breed-specific, and personal history differences among individual dogs. Nevertheless, all are uniquely canine. Science provides a wealth of knowledge about canine behavior.

If you are discouraged because what you've tried so far appears not to work, then you must change the manner and method you have been using to communicate with your dog. That's exactly why "Get Connected" is the first stage of the membership Success Path.  

This membership is designed for you if you're a dog owner who is already leading a full and busy life with family, career, and community responsibilities.  You are someone who also appreciates that the presence of a dog enriches your life even further. 

However raising a dog to adapt his canine instincts to our human culture often presents unexpected frictions. Loving your dog isn't enough.

Transforming friction into harmony is easy when you know how to do it. You're a fit for this membership if you believe that making the right change in your actions can create the transformation you desire.

Still not sure? Take the quiz and see if you should be in our Tribe!

The monthly subscription for Founding Members is $19.  Although the rate will increase for future member enrollments, your Founding Member rate will never increase as long as you remain a member in good standing.

Founding members may join during August, 2019 and are automatically given a 3-day trial period for $1. At the end of your trial, membership automatically rolls into full Founder Membership unless you ask to cancel.

Members may ask to cancel their membership at any time. However, former members who enroll again in the future will pay the current subscription rate.


The opportunity to become a Founding Membership in Dog Wisdom Connection was offered only once during August, 2019 when the membership opened for the first time.

Because they arrived first, Founders have had a unique influence on the content and direction of the membership. Their preferences and opinions helped shape the identity of the Membership.


How often have you struggled to solve a problem, only to realize that you actually had a simple solution all along, but just didn't see it? That's what working with dogs is all about. One small mindset shift can open doors to amazing possibilities that you considered impossible. Join the Journey and discover your possibilities!


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