Marilyn Mele Professional Dog Training

Purposeful Solutions Inspired by Science and Grounded in Compassion 

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Get Connected

Ignite the spark of joy within your dog and yourself by shaping your knowledge and mindset. Calm, attentive communication begins with small, purposeful choices that get big results.

Build Trust

Earn your dog's trust every day with benevolent leadership. Trust your dog's instinct to cooperate in an environment completely free from fear. Be the leader your dog can count on.

Create Solutions

Challenge yourself and your dog to solve problems with calm attentive cooperation and mutual trust. While you celebrate each success with confidence, you  view failures as opportunities to learn.

Expand Insight

Deepen your intuitive connection to your dog and support his mental and emotional needs. You grow more attentive to your dog's language and act as his advocate.

Cultivate Wisdom

Communication and trust open new ways to enrich your partnership with your dog. Together you succeed through calm attentive cooperation. Your dog becomes your teacher as you cultivate Dog-Wisdom.

"I have learned that nothing good comes from raising your voice or punishing your dog. Dogs want to make you happy and play so if you keep things fun, they will do what you want."

Julie R.

"We feel great about training our dog. The lessons learned can carry over for the rest of her life and we have a well-trained dog quicker than we would have if we tried it by ourselves."

Joey R.

"Honestly, I thought that he was the first dog that was going to "beat" me and that I would have to surrender him. It broke my heart because he had the sweetest eyes and was so loving. Repetition and positive reinforcement with gestures of love was how we worked through them. I am afraid to know what would have happened to Patrick should we have not made the decision to move forward with training. Marilyn was the lifeline that we needed for Patrick to become a full fledged family member. "

Bonnie F.

"I have a level of closeness that I've never had with any other dog because we've learned how to really communicate with each other. I had to relearn a Whole Lot of Stuff...I'm really glad I did it. Now training new companion dogs decent manners is a snap! And I know where to get help as soon as I run into a behavior that stumps me in a new dog."

Kate M.


How often have you struggled to solve a problem, only to realize that you actually had a simple solution all along, but just didn't see it? That's what working with dogs is all about. One small mindset shift can open doors to amazing possibilities that you considered impossible. Join the Journey and discover your possibilities!


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