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Lead the sensitive dogs you love to the joyful, resilient lives they deserve!

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Core Value:

The Dog is always more important than the task.

What do reactive, sensitive, or traumatized dogs really need? 

If we eliminate the things they do NOT need like instructions, directions, commands, and more obedience training, then it's easier to understand that the dog's emotions are the real source of their behaviors. 

When we focus on helping dogs regulate their emotions, their behaviors change as a result.

It was the dogs who taught me what they really needed to overcome their fears.  They need to be heard and acknowledged, to feel safe and loved, and to be free to make choices without fear of the consequences.

My programs for stressed, traumatized, or reactive dogs evolved over my 40+ years of guiding people and dogs to enjoy living together in harmony. We meet dogs where they are and gently lead them with Knowledge, Empathy, and Attunement. 

Commit to a path forward and the next step is easier...

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

Marilyn has helped us work through two challenges: reactive barking at people walking by/coming to our house, and stress disengagement in the agility ring. With Marilyn's guidance, we have made great progress in both areas. Life is so much more fun without all that stress.

Wendy Carey & Amber

Reactive to Regulated: A Gentle Path for Sensitive & Traumatized Dogs

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

Learn the essential practices to build your dog's confidence, resilience, and self-regulation.                      

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

Gently guide your dog, connect to his energy, and meet his emotional need to feel safe.

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy
Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

Help more dogs. Apply to become a Certified Resilient Dog Practitioner              

Lori Patterson and Bo

Honestly, I was at a standstill with my dog's training. Walks were not fun with Bo. Whining, pulling, barking, and frustration.  I had been to lots of obedience classes, and I knew there was something missing. This training helped me connect with my dog in a way I had never done before.

Why online coaching for reactive dogs is preferred over in-person training.

Predictability helps anxious dogs feel safe.

Because reactive dogs have trouble adapting to unfamiliar people and events, they learn more easily from a trusted person in a low-distraction environment. 

That's why YOU are the best person to lead your dog from stress to a calm inner state.  Online coaching gives you the knowledge and precise skill set to really help your dog without adding the physical presence of an unfamiliar person.

A trauma-informed approach evolves gradually. 

Traditional obedience training for dogs has conditioned many of us to believe that perfectly performing a task is the answer to behaviors that we perceive as problems. 

However, we now understand that "problems" are expressions of unmet physical or emotional needs, and training a "task" doesn't meet those needs.

Online coaching is a powerful way to become more attuned to your dog's trauma-healing transformation.

Co-Regulation is your Healing Superpower

Your energy is your dog's safe haven and anchor in the storm.  Your dog reflects back to you the energy you project.  Co-regulation through benevolent leadership is your healing superpower.

With consistent online coaching, you'll sharpen your proficiency with co-regulation, empathy, and leadership.

Beneath every behaviour there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom.

Ashleigh Warner,  Diversity Kids

Meet Your Dog's Emotional Needs First... Before You Expect Him  to Learn a Task

Watch the video, download the PDF, and discover how my A-Stack System can help your emotionally distressed dog feel calm again.