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Dogs Need to Be Heard Not "Fixed"

There's a popular belief that obedience training alone will fix unwanted dog behaviors.

But dogs aren't broken.  They don't need to be "fixed"; they need to be heard, acknowledged, and accepted for who they are. They need to feel emotionally, physically, and psychologically safe. 

We know that behaviors are expressions of emotional needs. When we meet those needs, then behaviors change.  The purpose of my program is to show you how you can guide your dog to become self-regulated, resilient,  and secure. In other words, to be his best emotionally intelligent self.

Emotionally Intelligent Dog Academy

The Academy is a unique six-month virtual practicum that prepares you to effectively guide your fearful dog to greater resilience and happiness in the real world.

Love and good intentions aren't enough when it comes to supporting dogs coping with reactivity, anxiety, and fear. Yet, you can achieve lasting transformation when you help your dog restore Emotional Intelligence.

The four cornerstones of the program operate synergistically:


Dogs discover relaxation techniques that allow them to slow down and calm their nervous systems.


Free movement activates a dog's problem-solving and thinking brain so he confidently makes choices


Patterns give a dog predictability and consistency. Rhythmic activities help dogs learn to trust themselves.


Fluency in dog language lets you speak to your dog's heart from your heart and connect with healing energy.

The Path from Reactive to Self-Regulated 

The first step toward healing a sensitive dog is to support a felt sense of safety.  We achieve this by managing the environment and empowering the dog with choices.

The old "sit and watch me" method actually increases a dog's distress because it deprives him of agency, mobility, and normal instinctive responses.

The path to Self-Regulation and Emotional Intelligence passes through Safety, Choice, and Agency. 

Leona N. & Leeloo

I learned a whole new way of thinking about Leeloo’s behaviors, and reactions, and how to best support her.    It's great to have a clearly defined path and all of the support that you offer.

Lori P. & Bo

Walks were not fun with Bo. Whining, pulling, & barking. This training helped me connect with my dog in a way I had never done before.

Wendy C. & Amber

Unlike many other trainers who work to "fix the dog" Marilyn's approach is to help the person see the dog in a more empathetic way.

What the Academy is NOT:

  • It's NOT a DIY course that you work on and finish (or not) by yourself.
  • It's NOT a membership with a long menu of options.
  • It's NOT a set of lessons with detailed tasks and deadlines.
  • It's NOT a "quick fix" for behavior problems. Your dog isn't broken - just not yet ready to cope.
  • It's NOT recycling the same methods that caused the dog's anxiety in the first place, i.e. aversives and force.
  • It's NOT a task-focused to-do list that leaves you feeling like a failure.


Good! I Don't Want That!

What the Academy Promises:

  • A community of dedicated dog lovers who support and celebrate one another's successes.
  • Relationship-building practices that help dogs stabilize their nervous systems and co-regulate with you.
  • A layered and incremental progression from protected practice to real-world experience.
  • Dedicated interactive website with detailed lessons and valuable resources all in one place.
  • Weekly LIVE classroom sessions delivered in person via Zoom and recorded to be viewed any time.
  • Bi-weekly Office Hours.  Ask anything that's on your mind.


Perfect! I Need This for My Dog!

One Payment in Full

$2997 USD

Pay-in-Full Bonus: Private Strategy Session


Three Monthly Payments

$999 USD/m

Convenient Payment Plan with Complete Access


Six Monthly Payments

$500 USD/m

Budget Friendly Payment Plan with Complete Access


Answers to important questions about the program: