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I'm Marilyn and I'll be your Guide on your membership success path! I love leading great dogs, and their awesome humans, on the exciting personal journey toward a perfect partnership!


Raising Your Puppy

Whether you're just starting out with your first puppy or bringing another dog into your life, there's always more to know about how dogs think and learn. I'll show you how socialization, proper crate training, and positive housebreaking help build a lifelong partnership with your dog.

Using the Right Equipment

Do you know how to choose a proper leash, collar or harness? You might be surprised to find out that some of the most common dog equipment is harmful, dangerous, and even inhumane. I guide you through the maze of choices so you can select what's kind to your dog.

Rewards Based Methods

Our knowledge of dog behavior and learning is exploding worldwide with massive research. And the research proves that reward based training is faster and is also retained longer. I'll make sure you're up to date with science based reward training methods.

Sensible Socialization

Dogs need help adapting their canine instincts to our human expectations. I teach you to prevent inappropriate behaviors proactively by rewarding good manners. Learn how exposing a young dog to a variety of social environments teaches resilience.

Overcoming Anxiety

A fearful dog can't learn, and so it's essential that we first help the dog to become calm and confident before proceeding with training. Desensitization and Counter Conditioning can be very effective in changing a dog's emotional response and creating confidence.

Calm Attentive Cooperation

A calm, attentive, cooperative dog is a pleasure to know and a perfect partner.  Regardless of your dog's personality, breed, or age, there's a path to that goal for both of you. The journey begins with a single step in that direction. I'd be honored to guide you there! 

Why I depend on Science

What we know today about how dogs think and learn has evolved significantly from what dog trainers like me believed ten or twenty years ago. Modern science has debunked old beliefs including the notion of dominance in dogs and all those old comparisons to wolf behavior. Science is teaching us that a dog's mental and emotional capacities far exceed what we imagined. 

I depend on science because it gives me a glimpse inside a dog's mind and shows me exciting new ways to understand and to be understood. 

Science also shows me better ways to connect dogs and people and change their lives for the better. Creating those lasting connections is the singular purpose of Dog Wisdom Connection.

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It's easy to set up a private coaching call. Advising, guiding and teaching dog owners will always be work I love! We can review your specific concerns so that I can advise you and prepare a custom training plan. Click below to find out more about how I can serve you.


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