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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • The trauma-informed framework for my four-part system for parenting sensitive dogs.
  • The ONE approach to sensitivity that has a lasting effect on how dogs respond to triggering events.
  • Why excessive excitement and excessive anxiety are manifestations of similar unmet emotional needs.
  • Steps on the path from Reactivity to Resilience and Self-Regulation that do NOT include obedience training.

"Ranger and I have both benefited from the techniques of grounding, relaxation and movement. These practices help center us in our bodies and change how we experience triggering events. The science behind the effectiveness of these methods continues to interest and fascinate me!"

Janelle and Ranger

What if everything you were told to do for your sensitive dog is WRONG?

Because your dogs are family, their happiness deeply matters to you. And when they're in distress you do all in your power to protect and comfort them.

And you soon find that everybody has advice for you - even if you don't ask for it! 

In desperation, you try "all the things" and blame yourself when nothing improves.

The Parenting Sensitive Dogs Handbook reveals the one approach that works for sensitive dogs.

A Note from Marilyn

I'm so excited to get this life-changing teaching into your hands!

Parenting your sensitive dog by embracing a trauma-informed lifestyle takes courage and compassion. Nobody does it without help, though. I put together this Handbook to help you lead your dog on the path to resilience.

If you've felt disheartened and helpless, you can find direction and  a joyful connection with your dog!

Let's do this!


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