3 BIG Reasons You Should Not Teach Your Dog "LEAVE IT!"

Dogs Are Naturally Curious 

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I know! I know! You've always believed that a "leave-it command" was necessary.  Honestly, so did I.  I even had a system for teaching it to my students in the past.

But because I'm so obsessed with how dogs' minds really work, I can't help but wonder how a negative reaction like "leave-it" from a trusted human affects them emotionally over time.  I'm talking long term results of repeated punishment for doing something that is totally normal and hardwired into what makes a dog a dog. 

Dogs are naturally curious.  They wouldn't have survived if they had been blind to the world around them.  Their environment triggers in dogs a need to investigate.  Dogs use their senses to navigate their surroundings and to verify the status of something new or unexpected.  Is it safe? Do I need to alert my humans by barking? Is it friendly? Can I eat it? Can I play with it? Do I have to pee on it?

Picture someone walking a dog.  The dog spots something that his nature tells him to investigate and verify.  But he is prevented by his human companion who yanks hard on the leash and sternly announces "Leave It!".  It isn't difficult to imagine the emotional and psychological impact of that punishment along with the significant loss of trust.

Investigating and verifying by looking, listening and smelling are the ways that dogs become confident and comfortable in their world.   Interrupting that normal process, punishing normal curiosity, too often undermines confidence and creates anxiety.  

To put it all in perspective, how would you feel about a parent or a teacher who punished a child's normal curiosity about the world? Most of us would be horrified by the thought of raising a child to be afraid to ask a question!

And one more overlooked reason to skip the "leave-it" method is that it's reactive.  The punishment occurs after the dog is already curious about something.  Too late to prevent his instinct from kicking in. It warns him that something bad is happening, but why?  Can you be sure the dog understands the reason for the punishment?

Don't assume.  It's easy to test it.  The punishment has worked if the behavior you're punishing is never repeated.  That's the definition of punishment: it stops a behavior from happening again.

The 3 BIG Reasons Not to Teach Your Dog "leave-it":

  1. It is contrary to a dog's instinctive awareness of his environment.
  2. It crushes a dog's self-confidence and creates anxiety.
  3. It undermines trust in your relationship because it may not be clear to the dog why you are punishing him.

So what should you do instead? 

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