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Understanding Your Dog's Overwhelm

Understanding overwhelm is a tough call.  

When your dog is overwhelmed, you can restore calm as long as you take a thoughtful and informed approach.  

Think for a moment about what overwhelm feels like. When it happens to you, how are you most likely react? Get angry? Lose your patience? Become hyperactive or shut down and withdraw?  

One strategy that often helps people survive their bouts of overwhelm is to just take time out and put it into context.  Having a long to-do list, balancing extra demands on your time and energy, or confronting events you can't control can all add up to a momentary meltdown.

Most of us have learned how to cope. We take a breath and "tough it out" because we believe the goal is worth the effort.  We remind ourselves "not to sweat the small stuff" and see "the big picture".  We have the power to be optimistic about the future even if the present moment is a hot mess. "This too...

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