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How Safe is Your Dog During a Car Ride?

Most dogs love a car ride.

Maybe it's because car rides mean that they get to be with you instead of staying home alone!

Yes, it's true that some dogs have trouble with a car ride - even a short one. However, the solution to that problem is a topic or a different day.  

Today, it's all about planning a safe road trip with your dog - whether you're driving hundreds of miles or just making a quick trip to pick up the kids from school.

Although seat belts are the law for people, and you wouldn't ever dream of holding a child in your lap while driving or letting a toddler ride unrestrained in the front passenger seat while leaning out the open window, there is a disconnect when it comes to dogs in cars.

How many ways could this end badly?


3 Reasons to Have a Good Plan

A good plan will account for the worst-case scenario and include preventive measures. It's a fact, not an opinion: All dogs must be safely...

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