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3 BIG Reasons You Should Not Teach Your Dog "LEAVE IT!"

Dogs Are Naturally Curious 

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I know! I know! You've always believed that a "leave-it command" was necessary.  Honestly, so did I.  I even had a system for teaching it to my students in the past.

But because I'm so obsessed with how dogs' minds really work, I can't help but wonder how a negative reaction like "leave-it" from a trusted human affects them emotionally over time.  I'm talking long term results of repeated punishment for doing something that is totally normal and hardwired into what makes a dog a dog. 

Dogs are naturally curious.  They wouldn't have survived if they had been blind to the world around them.  Their environment triggers in dogs a need to investigate.  Dogs use their senses to navigate their surroundings and to verify the status of something new or unexpected.  Is it safe? Do I need to alert my humans by barking? Is it friendly? Can I eat it? Can I play with...

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