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Homemade Gift That's Dog Happiness Overload

My Vault of Doggie Goodies

I'm going to change things up a little for the month of December.  It's such a crazy month!  Agree? I thought so!!  Why not have a little fun?!

I have a few surprises planned for you all, so let's go! 

It's the season for giving, and so each Wednesday this month, I'll send you a special gift!  I've gone into my vault of doggie goodies and chosen a few of my favorites and I think you are going to love each one as much as I do!

Homemade Gifts Send a Special Message

Remember the hand made gifts you've received?  Crafts that kids bring home from school? Did someone create a gift from scratch with you in mind? Did you feel the special message meant just for you in that small kind gesture?

Today, it's about Homemade Gifts for your dog. Yes, I'm talking about treats made from scratch.  Even if baking isn't your jam, this recipe for homemade dog treats is so easy and so yummy- it's definitely the way to your...

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