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Who Will You Trust To Train Your Dog?

find a trainer search the internet Feb 17, 2020

Looking for help to train your dog?

Let's face it. What's the first thing you do when you need answers? 

Google it!

Am I right?

So if you want an answer to training your dog to...let's say, stop barking too much or jumping on guests, ...why not just get a bunch of ideas off the internet? 

After all, there's so much out there about every subject under the sun!

And that's exactly the problem! You'll find so much chatter and clutter that, unless you're already an expert, you have no way to differentiate what's good from what's just plain crap. 

The thing you should know is that experts can tell the difference. They spend years and years researching and learning. Serious trainers will consistently dissect and test ideas and then measure them against proven data. They can instantly filter out the internet clutter and recognize what's authentic.

So the next time you need some expert info about how to train your dog...

Remember these things first:

#1.  You don't know what you don't know: Yes, the information is all out there...somewhere. The answer to JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING is out there. So why isn't every dog owner an expert dog trainer yet? The answer is simple: You don't know who to listen to or what's actually correct advice. Sometimes, you don't even know what you're supposed to be looking for!

#2. Information is often incomplete: Successfully and humanely training your dog requires a complete set of strategies that all work together. You can't just take a piece from A and a piece from B and then try to make it work.

#3. Information is at times outdated because things change: If you read something that was written more than 2 - 3 years ago, it may be outdated. In recent years there has been an explosion of data from behavior research into how dogs learn. Modern trainers stay up to date.

#4. Echo-chamber problem: Wrong information can be shared and repeated until it starts to sound like the truth.  We tend to believe things that we hear multiple times. Ideas can spread like wildfire on the internet, but that doesn't make them true! 

So what can you do if dog training isn't your field of expertise?  Nobody is born knowing this stuff - it's a learned skill. And naturally, some people are better at it than others. 

But there are things you can do and they involve some common sense and the right guidance.

Find out how to choose the right dog trainer who will become your teacher and mentor.

Know how to avoid the ones that only pressure you to buy and choose the ones that are true masters of their profession.

You deserve to have easy access to learning exactly how to hire a great dog trainer.

The good news is that you DO have access to all that info.  But only for a short time, so make sure you grab it before the end of this month!  It's Free until Feb. 29.

How to Hire a Great Dog Trainer

Without Mistaking Marketing for Mastery

This is a thorough course that teaches you how to ask the right questions and evaluate the answers you get. It puts you in control so that you can be the advocate that your dog deserves.  Whether you work with a trainer online or in person, you have to know how to interview your prospects. Don't be misled by fancy promises and meaningless guarantees.  

Click here and access this course for free until Feb 29.  When you sign up now, you will have full lifetime access and be eligible for all future updates regardless of future prices. Even if you're not looking for a trainer right now, keep this as a resource to use when you need it.

Choosing the right person to trust with your dog's well being is one of the most important decisions you can make for your precious pet.  Don't miss your chance to get it right the first time! Click here to get the Course free.

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