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Do You Know the Hidden Risks for Your Dog in the Summer Fun Everybody Loves?

algae blooms toxic to dogs heat exhaustion in dogs heat stroke in dogs summer risks for dogs swimming for dogs water intoxication in dogs Aug 13, 2019

Two surprising things that everybody loves about Summer outdoor fun could actually result in sudden death for your dog. Fortunately, these risks to your dog's life and wellness are 100% preventable.  But prevention depends on what you know and what you do about what you know! 

The dangers come in the form of heat and water. 

Although we have no control over the weather, managing your dog's exposure to the summer heat will protect him from heatstroke and heat exhaustion.  Spending time near the pool, pond, or lake is a natural pastime in the summer.  However, many dog owners are unaware of the risks of drowning due to fatigue, water intoxication, and exposure to toxic algae blooms.

No dog owner should have to live with regret because of lack of knowledge about a preventable danger!

All that you need to know is summarized for you in a free pdf that describes each risk and explains the simple steps you can take to assure that your dog stays safe. In some cases, the best practice is total avoidance but in other situations, the correct safety equipment or common-sense precautions will protect your dog.

You can download this free pdf now to get information that literally could make a life or death difference for your dog today.

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Summer Risks For Dogs

 What you love most about being outdoors in the summer doesn't have to be a deadly danger to your dog.  What you know matters!

Because I realize the vital importance of getting as much information to as many dog owners as possible, I included an entire page of references so you can read for yourself what veterinarians and science have to say about this topic.

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