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What If Sensitive Dogs Had the Words to Express Their Needs?

dog emotions dog language sensitive dogs May 18, 2024
Sensitive Dogs Express Their Needs

Although dogs don't have the human version of "words", they're quite good at letting us know 

who they are...

what they feel...

and what they need from us.

But we often frustrate dogs by misunderstanding the meaning behind their messages.  In fact, we make their dog language mean what we want or what we expect it to mean.  We make it match our preconceived notions about how dogs are "supposed to" act.  The dogs try to help us humans understand them by making their words bigger, louder, and longer! 

I get what's happening when there's miscommunication. I've walked in those shoes many times. It's why I'm so passionate about teaching people to understand their dogs and to see them with fresh eyes. 

You can clear up this massive miscommunication. Start by having conversations instead of giving directions. Dogs are always paying attention and communicating.  We need to become better listeners!

 We also need to become better observers. There's a lot to learn about your dog's inner state by observing the movements of his body. Some movements are subtle, some are very quick, and some are so familiar that we dismiss their significance.

Subtle movements of ears and eyes can indicate a range of feelings from curiosity to stress.

A flick of the tongue can happen so quickly that most people don't notice it.

A paw lift or head turn are common behaviors and yet they can have significance within a specific context.

How can you tell what your dog is saying with his body? You need the right balance of knowledge, experience, and empathy. And practice, practice, practice! And even then...sometimes you get it wrong. We're only human.  And sensitive dogs need to be heard and understood.

To get started, remember three things:

  • more training doesn't help sensitive dogs 
  • address behavior with a trauma-informed approach
  • create a safe and loving space for your sensitive dog

You'll find a detailed summary in the Parenting Sensitive Dogs Handbook.

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⁜⁜ ⁜⁜ ⁜⁜ ⁜⁜

How would you translate this dog's body language?

What needs might he be expressing?  How can you tell?

Sensitive Dogs want to be heard, not trained. When you recognize the emotion behind the behavior, the behavior changes.

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